Street Style: Worgen Pirate... Yarr!

Street Style is the section where I am posting outfits of my customers or players I meet in game. I don't mention their names, but all these sets are made by other players, not me.

This is the best pirate costume I have seen yet. The choice of pants is so good, the shirt adds an interesting stripe detail to the chest, although it works only for male characters, and the amount of red in the outfit looks just right.

Chest: [Buccaneer's Vest]
Shirt: [Purple Martial Shirt]
Hands: [Buccaneer's Gloves]
Wrist: [Funeral Cuffs]
Waist: [Silver-Thread Sash]
Legs: [Legwraps of the Master Conjurer]
Feet: [Buccaneer's Boots]
Weapon: [Black Duskwood Staff]

Here is the link to view the whole set on Wowhead.


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