Street Style: Druid of the Moon

Street Style is the section where I am posting outfits of my customers or players I meet in game. I don't mention their names, but all these sets are made by other players, not me.

This outfit is clearly built around the guild tabard and it also suits this particular race/class combo the best: leaves on the bracers and a tree on the tabard - symbols of a druid, the moon on the headpiece brings associations with Elune, the moon goddess worshipped by the night elves.

Chest: [Murloc Scale Breastplate]
Hands: [Embossed Leather Gloves]
Wrist: [Lucid Dream Bracers]
Waist: [Taut Dragonhide Belt]
Legs: [Embossed Leather Pants]
Feet: [Standard Issue Prisoner Shoes]
Main-Hand Weapon: [Scepter of Azshara]
Off-Hand Weapon: [Desertwalker Cane]

Here is the link to view the whole set on Wowhead.


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