Bloodmail Legguards, or How I Took Part In the WOW Factor Show

My character Looksgood at the show, Top 15 (picture courtesy of Keelhaul)
  Two weeks ago I took part in the WoW Factor show on Lightbringer-US. You can read the follow-up on WoW Roleplay Gear and interviews with the two winners on Disenchanting Azeroth, but I would like to share my personal impression with you.

  The event was big and colorful, the atmosphere was friendly. Though I got my little share of hate: when I was announced as one of those who made it to the 2nd round, someone from the crowd said that I should be disqualified for messing up the xmog market. Haha! 

  As I said everyone was friendly. As far as I know, there was a person from Arthas-US, where the previous show took place. They were going around making compliments to the contestants and giving valuable tips on how to make outfits more impressive. Some participants made compliments on my outfit and I assume others were also chatting with each other. There were a couple of my customers too. Turak made it to the Top 5 with the outfit that I posted earlier. Fumidus was in the Top 15 with the look based on Abjurer's Robe. He told me he was building his costume around the legendary staff. It is exciting to get to know how players make their outfits, and such events are a great opportunity to ask them to tell you their stories. 

Burnished set + the Bloodmail Legguards
  And now let me tell you about the most versatile pants in game. You can guess it by the title of the post that I am talking about Bloodmail Legguards. They are mail and a part of the Bloodmail Regalia that you can get from Scholomance mini-bosses. They are also the only solid black pants in game and hunters and shamans are very lucky to have such an option for xmogging. Just as in real life you can easily pair black pants with almost any kind of shirt or jacket, the same is true about the Bloodmail Legguards in WoW. I was already using them before to add contrast to the Burnished set

  In my outfit that I made for the show I also used the legguards for the same purpose but with a little twist. There are 3 mail belt models that look like shorts: War Paint WaistbandSpiked Chain Belt and Grunt's BeltI was playing with the idea of pairing one of them with the Bloodmail Legguards for a while. Too bad that my favorite recolor that matches the draenei skin tone so well - Outrunner's - is the only one with the simple belt, so I had to go with another set and chose Grunt's. The Skullflame Shield seemed the best color match and then I decided to add even more spikes to the look and got Herod's Shoulder and Pronged Reaver. For some reason  the fiery weapon enchant is not showing on the picture, but it was there to match the flames on the shield. As a final touch I added a Red Swashbuckler's Shirt to seal the look.

  Here are the Wowhead link and the full list of gear I used:

Shoulders: [Herod's Shoulder]
Chest: [Grunt's Chestpiece]
Shirt: [Red Swashbuckler's Shirt]
Hands: [Grunt's Handwraps]
Waist: [Grunt's Belt]
Legs: [Bloodmail Legguards]
Feet: [Grunt's Ankle Wraps]
Weapon: [Pronged Reaver]
Shield: [Skullflame Shield]
Female draenei bonus: haircut style "Sassy"

  The only problem I had with this look was that it was for my restoration spec and did not match blue and green shaman spell effects. That is why I already change it for another outfit which I will post soon.

  And one last tip: as we know Scholomance is getting revamped in MoP, so it is better to get those pants now, just in case.

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  1. Congrats in making it to the top 15. I recently took part in the one on Dath'remar -

  2. Oh, very nice! The Grunt's set with Herod's shoulder looks great. I'm a big fan of the Burnished set already, and it looks awesome with the black pants -- the contrast really makes the gold look shiny :D


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