Meet My Xmogging Banker

  I'm Argo aka EPP and I write the blog Epic Penny Pouch. Right now I'm running xmogging business on a few realms. The best part of it for me is watching how players actually use the gear they buy. Almost every day my customers surprise me with their creativity and I decided to make a new blog to share it with you. I will be posting outfits that I like, but this post will be a little different.

  I think it would me appropriate for the very first post here to introduce my main xmogging banker. So... please, meet Looksgood, Lightbringer-US. She is a draenei shaman. She likes to heal (resto) and kill (enhancement). I rolled her when Power Word Guild was formed, but for some reason decided to stay out of it. As you may guess by her name she was meant to be an xmogging banker from the start, but, as it often happens with my toons, I began to actually play her - doing dungeons and questing. Usually I get bored with the new toon around level 30, but this time I decided to try healing for the very first time and was hooked. I'm proud to tell you that my girl hit the level cap two days ago and healed her first Cata heroic today. She is the only max level character I have outside my home server. Honestly, it feels weird.

  I can add just a few quick facts to her story. Looksgood made about 200k gold from xmogging. She likes to ride her chopper which she bought at level 40 just because it matched her outfit at that moment. She thinks the wolf form is cool and it's hard to persuade her to stay in the human form at least while in a city to show off her oufits. Speaking of outfits, she has two - one for each spec.

  "Killing outfit" (aka DPS):

Shoulders: [Spaulders of the Black Arrow]
Chest: [Vest of the Den Watcher]
Hands: [Cowpoke's Riding Gloves] / [Mail Combat Gauntlets]
Waist: [Fortified Belt]
Legs: [Mail Combat Leggings]
Feet: [Myrmidon's Greaves]
Weapons: [Sun-Forged Cleaver] (Not xmogged, but I got it ready for when I have axes equipped)

  "Healing outfit":

Shoulders: [Lightning-Rod Pauldrons]
Chest: [Bonelink Armor]
Hands: [Bonelink Gauntlets]
Waist: [Girdle of Gale Force]
Legs: [Kilt of Rolling Thunders]
Shield: [Mountainside Buckler]
Weapons: [Lifeforce Hammer] (Not xmogged, just what I have equipped now)

  Those are Looksgood's current outfits, but being an xmogging banker she was trying to look good at any level. At different times she was looking like this:

1. Scouting 2. Tribal Vest + Mystic Sarong 3. Bloodmail (dungeon set)
4. Bonelink 5. Burnished + Bloodmail pants 6. Mercurial



  1. number 2 (tribal vest) is my favourite!

  2. Look forward to reading the new site Argo!


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